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Sammi Potts is an amazingly talented drummer and singer whose energy lights up the room! Rarely have I met someone with a more vibrant and genuine spirit than Sammi. She would be an asset to anyone both musically and personally. A team player with great sensitivity and an unbelievably positive attitude, Sammi Potts is about to soar! You would be wise to collaborate with her before she fully takes flight. 

Zoro / Award-Winning Drummer for Lenny Kravitz / Author of The Big Gig and SOAR!

There are not many female professional drummers in the music industry; Stillwater native Sammi Potts wants to change that.

“There are only a few of us,” Potts said. “I want to be able to say to girls younger than me, ‘You can do anything you want, you can try anything.’”

Now based in Nashville, Potts is about to take off as a professional drummer, with dreams of touring with an up-and-coming female singer. The dream started in her youth in the St. Croix Valley.

Sammi Potts of Nashville, TN, recently became an artist with Heartbeat Percussion. 

Christian Music Showcase: The Many

September 18, 2015

Featuring Hannah Rand, Alaya Morris and Lauren Dekleva on vocals, Ben Pogue on bass, Sammi Potts on drums, JP Presley on guitar and Cassidy Gephart on keyboard, the band was formed at the beginning of the fall semester and touts a folky Americana sound and lyrics they want to be both “engaging and relatable,” Potts and Rand said.

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"Sammi is among this generation of young musicians that will change the landscape of today's music scene with her sound, poise, and dedication to her instrument!"

Derico Watson / Award-Winning Drummer / Victor Wooten


I have known Sammi both personally and professionally for over 9 years.  She never fails to exude energy and zeal for her artistry, and encouragement and jubilance toward her colleagues.. Sammi is a delight to work with, and is truly a pleasure to know!

Kory Andry / Award-Winning Percussionist / Minnesota Opera Orchestra

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